2015-10-05 - Barcelona
Tour: Innocence and Experience tour
Songs played: 27
Audio recordings: 3
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    Big girl, sorry to reply that late lol No i didn't kept the bass As Dallas said later on Dub, Penelope Cruz was there... But no worries at all, i had the best moment of my life getting there on stage. It's enough for me

    well since you sent me a message asking for my video of your moment on stage and didn't read the pm for the last month or so since i sent it to you ...

    i guess i'll be kind enough to put it all online for eveyone to see (i don't want this video to be used in any sort of multi-cam, thanks). his was before i upgraded to 4k so it is "only" full HD but not with a shitty little camera. (the raw file is still available for you in the pm i sent, but will be deleted in a few weeks so hurry up if you want it)