I would like to start this tread the day after our failed crowdfunding campaign to go www.back2stockholm.nl and yesterdays (sep 22nd) surrealistic replacement show with a 60% filled venue. It is still not clear to me what really happened 20/9 and what is really know about it.

    I would first of all like to ask to to help me gather good sources (Swedish & international) with Information on the incident, the gun that supposedly entered the venue and the aftermath (was someone found & arrested?)

    Secondly I would like your help in thinking about lines of responsibility. The very moment the replacement show started I received an automated email from AXS with a refund confirmation. Which is in itself decent, but I would like to know more on the sharing of responsibility between AXS, Livenation, the venue (Globen) and the security team.

    In the scenario someone with a gun was let in, with the security trying to make up for their mistake, the cancellation is probably the responsibility of the security team more thanks that of the person who took the gun with him/her. So basically:
    1. Gathering of sources to combine these in one coherent story.
    2. Based on the facts figure out who is responsible for what.

    Will you guys help me with this? It will help me understand the events that caused me to leaves my e-stage railspot last Sunday and fly back to Holland and end-up witnessing no show.
    Thanks, Richard van Oosterhout


    18:10 - Venue doors open for people to enter
    19.15 - Venue doors shut to enter
    20:10 - Some policemen are seen entering the arena. Police cars at entrance 2 and 9.
    20:15 - Announcement via speaker system about problems with ticket scanners. Concert will be held.
    20:36 - Guards locks doors and pull down curtains so that we can't see inside.
    20:44 - Seated people ordered to leave the venue to "scan their tickets and come back in"
    21:04 - 1st time GA people are ordered to temporarily take seats. Chaotic rush back to GA in a few minutes
    21:32 - 2nd time GA people are ordered to temporarily take seats. Again chaotic rush back to GA in a few minutes
    22.26 - Announcement of cancellation

    20150920 22:47 Police report with mention of weapon: https://translate.google.nl/translate?hl=nl&sl=sv&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fpolisen.se%2FStockholms_lan%2FAktuellt%2FNyheter%2FStockholm%2Fjuli-sept%2FInstalld-U2-konsert%2F
    20150920 22:57 U2.com announcement: http://www.u2.com/news/title/sunday-show-rescheduled-for-tuesday
    20150920 22:59 Livenation Sweden Twitter:
    20150921 19:27 Livenation Sweden Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/livenationswe/posts/10153642984906672

    U2GIGS.com recap of the evening: http://www.u2gigs.com/article1061.html
  2. User ZooTV4all has posted some useful remarks in the Stockholm thread yesterday, including the latest police reports which seems to indicate that they know someone showed up with a gun, suspect he's a police officer, but don't know who the guy is? Very strange story. Maybe someone can look-up these posts and re-post here.
  3. I have written a chronicle about the incident which will be published in a local newspaper in my area tomorrow. I will translate it and publish it here then.
    What I'm basically saying is that we haven't heard the truth yet. It seems strange that the police can't identify one of their own, so that has led me to believe there were other things happening. I also felt that Bono was worried in the concert the day after and newspapers (Expressen) reported that he had extra bodyguard protection that night. And amongst us at GA, there were security people moving around in a way I haven't seen before. Only speculation, but my gut feeling is that we haven't heard the truth yet. Could well be a cover up for something else.
  4. @Remy: would be nice if people can help gather all relevant loose remarks in other threads, tweets & other online sources
    @Olof: you are our swedish source on the ground now. Can you post links from Swedish websites on the incident? And I am looking forward to your chronicle!
  5. It's also my believe that there must have been more to it. Would also like to know what really happened.
  6. There's both an Olov and an Olof in this thread, I'm the latter one! I'll try to see if I can find anything new while on the train to Gothenburg.

    I'm sure Olov's article will be enlightening!
  7. The responsibility is fully on the organizers of the event (both livenation and Globen).

    And it is even more irritating than the cancellation of the concert their behaviour to all people (including me) that had GA tickets.

    They probably thought that since the GA ticket holders are usually the most dedicated fans of a group they could behave to them like sheeps. That is why for 2 hours they were moving us from arena to stands and backwards while according to facts released later at the swedish newspapers (Expressen) they had allowed a gunman within the arena.because he claimed that was a policeman and he forgot to leave his gun because was in a hurry to see the concert.

    It was the first time in my life that

    1)I saw policemen in the arena to investigate by looking at the stands where the VIP ticket holders were seating.
    2)Security asked people to sit on stand extension and while the people were sitting there the security staff was looking under the seat gap for "security threats".
    3)I was with closed doors in a building with a possible gunman taking a walk for more than 2 hours.
    4)The venue staff at the doors were stressed when calm people leaving the venue asked politely how to claim a refund and were answering "it is not our responsibility please contact livenation".
    5) That it took me 2 emails both to AXS on Monday and GlobeArena on Tuesday in order to get a reply about a refund claim two days later and after arriving in Greece on Tuesday afternoon. At my first email (sent on Monday morning to AXS) I was asking if it was possible to get GA tickets for Monday 21st but they did not bother to answer. The answered me on Tuesday after sending an email to info@globearenas.se as the livenation through twitter informed other persons that were leaving Sweden too and could not make it for Tuesday concert.

    Hey Bono on the 2nd leg of the tour (that might take place next year) come to Athens, Greece because now we cannot a buy a ticket (even if it was available) in another country due to Mr. Draghi and his capital controls. Soon they will not allow us to visit other European countries because the "civilized" and "organised"" (as we experienced last Sunday) will soon blame Greeks for the refugees.


    George Kolonias

    P.S I learned that the concert is cancelled via U2start twitter 3 minutes before the announcement in the hall.
  8. Thanks Olof & Olov! I hope the article from Olov will help with getting a clear timeline of events. Maybe pictures of the inside of the venue will help with that.

    @George, thanks for sharing the same feeling on the evening and the desire to understand the real story behind the events.

    I also felt unsafe staying in the GA when officers were clearly looking for an item in the seats which felt totally unrelated to the ticketscanner cover-up story. The handling of the GA people was very amateuristic and at times dangerous when people started running back for their spots.

    I hope we can gather more and more reliable sources here to come up with a factual account of events. Thanks all for participating on this!
  9. It's obvious there are more questions than answers. But in the end band and fans were safe. It can take some time to hear what has happened. That can have it's reasons.