1. In this series we will be regularly interviewing fans during the tour to ask them about their personal experiences. Today we have an interview with U2start member ChicagoDoug. Doug recently won an auction on Adam's shirt in Amsterdam, which brought him to the fourth Amsterdam show, got him backstage and got him in a meeting with Adam. Reasons enough for us to meet with him so he can share his amazing story!

    "Adam was so nice and kind. Once he heard Sarah's story he gave her a big hug and kissed her on both cheeks. He signed the shirt, box it came in, both of our backstage passes, and took pictures with us. It was so worth it just to watch Sarah with him"

    You came all the way from Chicago to Amsterdam for the final show of four. The show was widely regarded as one of the best shows of the tour. Can you tell us how the show was and what your highlights were?
    The show was amazing! I believe they have really found their groove and are performing at some of the most dizziest heights we've seen. The Ziggo Dome was a bit smaller than the other venues I've seen on this tour which made it feel even more intimate. Two of the highlights were hearing Magnificent and Sweetest Thing. I may be in the minority but I like NLOTH songs and to finally get one this tour was awesome. It was the first time I'd ever heard Sweetest Thing live and it meant a lot. I'm a blue eyed boy and I met my brown eyed girl at a U2 show in Vegas, to have her next to me during that song was special. This is quickly becoming my favorite tour. I love that everyone is allowed to hang out at the Ziggo Dome afterwards and party. In the US they cut off alcohol about 30 minutes before the end of the show and can't get you out of there fast enough. You guys know how to party!

    You ended up in Amsterdam and on this show by winning a Charitybuzz auction for a signed shirt worn by Adam on the first night in Amsterdam. Can you tell us what made you bid on this charity item?
    My girlfriend Sarah has a very personal story (for another time) that relates U2's music to bringing her out of a very dark time. She told me if she ever had a chance to meet anyone from the band she wanted to share that story and thank them. I saw this auction and thought this is the perfect chance to give her this gift, plus it was in Amsterdam!!! How could I pass it up?! The only challenge was we had less than three days to book plane tickets and hotels once we found out we won - but we did it and I'm so glad.

    Not only did you got a signed shirt, but you also got tickets to the show and even got to go backstage and meet Adam in person. Can you share your story about this backstage tour and how it all went down?
    Charity Buzz is a top notch organization. I bid with them five years ago and got to meet Edge in NYC, plus Bono signed a pair of sunglasses for me. They gave us the full VIP experience. Going behind the stage was unreal, we met the video and lighting director before we were pulled to meet Adam. They brought us up to a private room with couches, low lighting, and premium alcohol. We waited about about 20 minutes before Adam came in. He was so nice and kind. Once he heard Sarah's story he gave her a big hug and kissed her on both cheeks. He signed the shirt, box it came in, both of our backstage passes, and took pictures with us. It was so worth it just to watch Sarah with him. Afterwards they got us on the eStage to take a picture. I raised my arms and the crowd cheered, I'll always remember that moment. They say don't meet your heros, but in this case it was worth it. They set us up in Red Zone for the show and whisked us off to a VIP party afterwards. The band wasn't there but we each got an amazing book with all kinds of U2 memorabilia in it. Our heads were buzzing the whole time.

    Was this your first U2 show, or perhaps the first you attended in Europe? Can you compare it with other shows?
    I've seen every tour since Popmart, for this tour I had already seen them in Chicago, Toronto, and New York. This was my first show in Europe. The main difference to me was the party atmosphere. We attended your fan meet up party on Friday and were blown away by how many people were there as well as how many fans partied at the Ziggo Dome before and afterward the concert. Everyone we met were so nice. I wish we could have stayed longer. As I shared with all of my new friends...you have a place to stay in Chicago

    Finally, can you share us the one thing you will never forget from this experience?
    Being on the eStage and hearing the roar of the crowd is something I'll always remember. Slow dancing with Sarah during The Sweetest Thing is another. Of course meeting Adam, but most importantly meeting all of the cool U2 fans in Amsterdam. I liked the coffee shops too America has a lot to learn from you there. They should call it Amser-DAMN!! Because it is so frickin' cool!!! Facebook friend me peeps so we can keep in touch (Doug Duty). Remy, you and your team do an amazing job.. I know it's a labor of love and I am very glad to have found your site and met you. I hope to come back very soon, look me up if you come to Chicago. Thanks for letting me share my story.

  2. Nice story to read!
  3. Great pose in the last picture!!
  4. Awesome! Great story Doug!
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    thanks for sharing!
  6. Beautiful story Doug!

    It was such a pleasure meeting you guys!
    And I am so happy that I know where Adam’s “Oct. 15, 1980” T-shirt went
    – I hoped Adam to wear this shirt already a few months back

    Sure hope to visit you some day in Chicago
  7. Great story Doug So glad you made it with your girl, it must have been amazing. I remember you both walking in front of us (I can see myself in your pic lol), you both got quite a cheer from us at GA. Almost as big as Dallas! Congrats on winning the auction too

  8. Thanks everyone for all of the kind words, they mean a lot Can't wait to get back there again someday and can't wait for any of you to visit us in Chicago Adam's shirt is safely mounted under glass with other memorabilia from that special night.