Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Legs (3): Leg 1 - North America, Leg 2 - Europe, Leg 3 - The Americas
Shows: 53
  1. #u2sometimesyoucan'tmakeitonyourown(acousticcouchmix)

    There goes your tweet, finished before you even begin.
  2. #u2JT2017?
  3. That's the most logical one, by far. Or even #JT17. But no, let's choose the longest option possible so it takes up 20 characters off the already limited tweet space
  4. Do you think there will be a DVD of this tour and where do you think they will film it?
  5. I think it's completely 50/50 whether or not they release a DVD. I hope they do though, and I second George's selection of London as long as it's the first night which is the one I'll be attending. I would probably expect a show from the U.S. to be more likely though.
  6. Pittsburgh.

    The band has to make some sort of money out of that show
  7. Arizona seemed like the ideal choice, back in 1987 and still for this tour. But they're not playing there this time, so who knows.
  8. I'd be very surprised if there wasn't. I agree it's time London or the UK got a look in for an official show. Though I reckon its more than likely going to be USA. I'm gonna say NJ for USA and if Europe then perhaps Rome.
  9. The album is about America so if there's a concert film, it'll be filmed there.
  10. Yep I think that's quite probable. I imagine they'll want to leave it till later in the tour until they're in their stride, so I would have thunk one of the later shows on that leg.