1. It's on U2Torrents.
  2. Ok, so the box set of the Tarantura release, The Heart Of Punk Rock, 5 CD set. Does anyone have it? Yes, I know it was a shit show how Sharebear got screwed over and it got released. I am a huge fan of his work and it is shitty about what happened but it would still be very cool to have the Roxy recording. If anyone on here has it and would like to share it PM me please. Sorry if I have annoyed some people, not my intention, just a fan of the music.
  3. Download the JEMS release.

    It's much better than the butchered remastered version they did.
  4. I did download JEMS release when it came out.
  5. Then you've got the best released audio.
  6. Another argument for downloading the JEMS recording: currently it's only nine seven downloads short of surpassing
    the notorious Joy Of Rock 'N Roll mixlr-bootleg* in number of downloads (996 vs 1004)...

    I mean, it's not just an audience recording: it's a JEMS recording folks

    Go here: http://u2start.com/shows/1779/#!audio(and relieve me from the shame...)

    *in truth this is nothing more than a historic document of a legendary u2start setlist party...
  7. I will add the lossless JEMS one of these days (not your question, but still). Don't know why the iem mixes have mp3 only, but I'm sure some one can enlighten me
  8. I released it on U2Torrents in lossless, so no idea. No cover art.