1. HBO has taken down the YouTube video in Europe now too, so its not available anymore.
  2. no, on youtube it works Remy, try u tu :-)
  3. oh shit, you know how to record from youtube
  4. Use a VPN it shows up no probs..
    Anyone know where I can see the
    6th December show and can pm
    Me please..
  5. I don't think its on YouTube, but its still on various torrent sites. We can't link but it should be easy to find.
  6. Thanks Remy ohh Zenmate is what I use on my laptop and phone its brill :-)
  7. I might be wrong, but the BBC broadcast tonight is 2 hours 25 minutes (no ad breaks on BBC) so cuts will be very minimal.
  8. Is there a setlist party?
  9. Feel free to do it here Enjoying it again!

    I'm recording it so I don't have annoying subs as they had here in Holland.
  10. Better camera angles and more crowd shots
  11. If it's available on iPlayer, I'll grab a copy from there. I have enough 24GB videos from this tour