1. Hi - I'm Ric - great site here - very useful for me. I sing for UK based tribute U2Baby and having access to live shows is great. Thanks for all the hard work you've put in and hope to see a few of you at gigs. Please introduce yourself if you come along :-)
  2. Welcome Ric! Hope to see you about
  3. Welcome Ric.
  4. Hi Ric !
  5. Are you here ?

  6. Hi - yes sorry for the delay - that's us but the old line up - the new line up is featured on our website

    theu2tributeuk dot com

    We will be publishing a few new "behind the scenes" videos next week if anyone is interested.

    Again - thanks for the hard work on this site - the live shows are invaluable.

  7. hi im pretty new on here but uk too ...andy
  8. Hi there !
  9. welcome here