1. having my 1st play through now (EBTTRT just started), the energy from the crowd is amazing. Opening with 8 AB songs ... they should do that again, but include Acrobat too
  2. I've listened to the Milan show, was referring to the Brussels gig with that post.
  3. yes , i understood you ... but Brussels 87 is another fans favourite , and very known boot . I was surprised that you never listened it
  4. This show hasn't been show of the month before?

    I listened to this show for the first time because it was played on the day I was born (I think I told this about 345x times now here ) but I came to the conclusion that it really is one of their best. The band is on fire, the crowd is really into it, I love recordings where you can hear the crowd and last but not least; for me one of the best performances of Bad ever. Amazing perfomance.
  5. amazing show. A pity that there are no remasters or better sounding recordings of this show are circulating.
  6. For ages I had this on tape and I even made a remaster of it when transferring the tape.
    But then I found the LDB master...

    I had to say that I was a little surprised to see that this LDB master (no. 14) was not available for this date.
    I would say that this master definitely qualifies as an upgrade...

    In fact, as I am adding this one to our site now, there is nothing to prevent me from rating it 4 stars
    Seriously, the sound is clear and punchy - taken from a digital master! - and the audience noise is not too intrusive; just good atmosphere.
    Granted, one can argue that the sound is still a bit hollow-ish, but for me it is "warm" enough for that 4 stars... (tight, but still)

    But eh... rate for yourselves and share your thoughts
    (I'm adding both flacs and mp3's)

  7. Listening. It's flawless.
  8. Aww the end of One.
  9. Christ. This show.