1. In this series we will be regularly interviewing fans during the tour to ask them about their personal experiences. Today we have an interview with U2start member AidanFormigoni who attended the 1st and 2nd Dublin shows, flying from Brazil!.

    "Attending a U2 concert in Dublin was one of my biggest dreams of my life"

    You travelled across the ocean to attend two shows in U2's home town. How did these shows compare to the shows you visited in New York last July?

    I have to say that there's almost no comparison between the NYC and the Dublin shows. I mean, attending an U2 concert in Dublin was one of my biggest dreams of my life since they've become my favorite band a long time ago and I don't think any other U2 experience to come will top the experience of attending a concert in their hometown for the first time! At NYC, I had the chance to see the I&E Tour for the first time and it was mindblowing, but every other aspect about the Dublin shows was really unique and more intense for me.

    Where were you standing or seating in the venue? How was your spot regarding the visuals and sound during your Dublin shows with this "different" stage?

    I had a GA ticket for Dublin 1 and decided to stay on Adam's side since I choose Edge's one back in NYC. There were a couple of girls between me and the stage, and I have to say that this was the closest I've ever been to the band in my life. It was really awesome! Since the E stage was right in the middle of the whole thing because of 3Arena different configuration, I could get a good view of the band playing on it. Compared to the NY shows, I remember being near the main stage and I almost couldn't see the band playing at the E stage during that part of the concert.

    At Dublin 2, I got a seat in front of the stage, really close to the screen. In fact, I almost couldn't see the screen from the place I was in, but I could see the band playing inside of the screen from a perspective I had never really imagined before...
    Also, even if the E stage was put in the middle of the GA area, I could have an excellent view of them while they were on it, so the thing worked really well for me.

    Sound was great on both nights and it's one of the biggest improvements of this tour in my opinion. It doesn't matter where you're watching the show, you're going to have a great sound coming to your ears.

    You attended Dublin 1 and 2 shows; which was better in your opinion? Did they play a song you didn't expect to hear?

    It's really hard to choose one, but I guess Dublin 2 was the better one. Both nights were really great in every single way, but it looked like the audience on night 2 was a little more excited about the concert and I got Bad for the first time in my life on night 2, so probably that's the biggest reason of my excitement. I've always wanted to see them playing Bad and they didn't play it on the 9 previous concerts I attended in my life, so I have to say that I enjoyed every single second of it. In fact, I was really expecting to see I Still Haven't Found on night 2, so when the song started, tears started to run in face...It kept going that way during the entire song. In terms of U2 experience, it was as much intense as that Where The Streets Have No Name back in my hometown in 2011 when my brother carried me in his arms during the whole song. Those two moments will always stay in my heart!

    Can you compare Irish audience with Brazilian audience or vibe in New York?

    I have to say that I was quite impressed with the audience on both nights. People there were singing, clapping and jumping during the whole thing. It was a little better on Dublin 2, but comparing all the concerts I was in, these 2 nights had some of the best audience I've ever seen. Probably they were as intense as the audience back in my hometown during the 2006 night 1 and 2011 night 2 shows, and they were way more intense than the audience in the NY shows, where I cound't see the whole arena singing and clapping even during the biggest hits.

    Innocence & Experience Leg Tour is ending, what is your overall opinion? Do you think U2 improved their shows compare to the first leg?

    First of all, I have to say that I'm really loving this tour! It has the amazing production, innovation and technology we're already used to see in the U2 tours, but it also has a lovely intimate atmosphere that is really powerfull in my opinion. This really made me feel more connected to the band during the concert, so as a consequence the entire experience is really intense.

    Comparing the first and the second leg, I really miss a bigger rotation between the songs at the E stage. During leg one, we had a good variation of songs played, specially in places where they played more than 2 concerts. On the other hand, some segues of the shows were improved. The October-Bullet segue is really great, and Streets is working better now than in the first leg of the tour, in my opinion.

    I still think they can make the shows get even better than they are now, but overall I'd say the whole tour worked really well since its beginning and it was amazing to be able to go to two nights on leg 1 and two nights on leg 2!


    Thanks Aidan!
  2. Lovely words Aidan. I'm glad you had a blast.
  3. Glad you had such a lot if fun...felt the same during Bad at Dublin 3. Just pure magic to experience such a feeling right!?
  4. I am happy for you Aidan !! Is a dream to me too ( maybe for all U2 fans )

    One little question ... Are you superman´s brother ?? How could your brother took you into his arms during all WTSHNN ????
  5. Thanks, guys

    Coen, magic seems to be perfect word to describe the moment!

    Pato, he's taller than me and stronger than me, but actually he was kind of drunk, as you can see in the picture bellow...

  6. hahaha his face shows how drunk he is