1. I would like to have a cover from the 'Souls, Booths and Prayers' dvd! Hope you know this one...also I'm searching for covers from 'MTV 11 @ 11 and 'U2 The Video's 2001 - 2005'.
  2. i will make these one once i have finished the first show of sydney 2006
  3. Could you also make a cover for Sydney III in advance?

    I think it won't take too long before this one shows up too.
  4. Hi,
    I have searched for the following cover but looks like it does not exist, could you please make one for the following date?
    1987-05-12 - East Rutherford, New Jersey

    Tks so much
  5. Could you make a cover for the Brisbane show, the first one of the Australian leg of the Vertigo tour?

    That one is coming up next.
  6. I will make this and the sydney show i haven't made still
  7. And one for the Adelaide show, I think that's next.
  8. this is the covers for Sydney 10/11/2006

    Front Cover

    Back Cover
  9. That's absolutely awesome, thank you!
  10. i will make Adelaide now
  11. Originally posted by MisterMacPhistoi will make Adelaide now

    And then Melbourne II?