1. We just published the first article in our new series: U2's biggest surprises, highlighting the significance and fan response to some of U2's biggest surprises.

    The first one is Electrical Storm:

    Any of you were there that night? Some personal memories?

    This topic can also be used for suggestions for future articles in this series. If you want you are even welcome to write one yourself
  2. This is gonna be a short serie

    Cool idea guys Looks great.
  3. I remember being on these forums back then. ES stands out as a highlight for the surprise but I seem to recall people not liking the live arrangement. I for one LOVE the version found on Edge's Picks. Would love for them to play it again but maybe a different arrangement.

    PS. WOW it's been 6.5 years since the first leg of 360, time FLIES. I still feel like this was a "recent" performance.
  4. Two Hearts Beat As One in NYC was quite the surprise.
  5. I mirror Remy's thoughts. I was high up in the seats on Edge's side and it took me a good 5-10 seconds to realise it was Electrical fucking Storm. I never understood the criticism of the arrangement either. Much better than the butchered version of Mercy that appeared later in the tour.

    Surprising to hear such a curve ball on only the second night of the tour.
  6. Remember me?

    I wasn't really around for the setlist parties back then, but I remember hearing those opening notes in the background of that teaser video. That's when I thought we would be hearing it regularly on the tour. I was so excited! This was the favourite song of my girlfriend at the time, and had always been a favourite of mine, it's just shame we didn't get to hear it at Wembley or Sheffield.

    This is the kind of song they should have been playing on the e-stage during the Innocence and Experience Tour.
  7. My first show was Boston 28 April 2005, the last night of Leg One of the Veetigo Tour. I had heard some boots already, butnothing prepared me for Who's gonma ride your wild horses, electric and great.
  8. Good idea !

    and it was a big surprise ES
  9. Well I'd have to say Zoo Station in Berlin this tour and the second leg of 360 when they played 6 unreleased songs!
  10. +1000

    And agreed with ES : superb song, not a fan of the live arrangement... Sounded rather week. But I can imagine the feels when you were there.
  11. Originally posted by BelgianBono:[..]

    And agreed with ES : superb song, not a fan of the live arrangement... Sounded rather week. But I can imagine the feels when you were there.

    maybe the biggest surprise during this tour

    and from the last tour Zooropa and EBTTRT were both great surprises
  12. I love the single version, the live version indeed didn't meet the high expectations

    ES was my ringtone for several years ! And I'm still very fond of that intro.