1. There is a new You Too, you can vote for this new poll on the frontpage and discuss it in this thread.

    The question of this new You Too is:

    What is now your favourite all-time Streets segue?
    - Running To Stand Still > Streets (ZooTV)
    - Please > Streets (Popmart)
    - Bad/40 > Streets (Elevation)
    - All I Want Is You > Streets (Elevation)
    - Pride > Streets (Vertigo)
    - Walk On > Streets (360)
    - Mother And Child Reunion > Streets (I&E)
    - Zooropa > Streets (I&E)

    Please vote on the frontpage of the website, in this topic you can tell us why you voted for your answer.
  2. Remy, I got Paul Simon on the phone, he says that WTF.
  3. Zooropa - Streets by far

    & to Mother and Child -
  4. Running>Streets - ZOOTV because Achtung Baby-atmosphere, a LOT of guitar, Edge played a lot of spine-tingling notes and a very smooth EFFECT, the transition seemed to never end and it was abstract, intense, artistic, perfect !!!!!! Generally was a great atmosphere from U2, the red screens, Bono waving symbolically to himself in the Joshua tree desert - meaning departure from their serious-up-tight-old-style and welcome the experimental, don't take yourself too serious style !!! A second close comes Please>Streets...No words !
  5. 1. Running To Stand Still > Streets (ZooTV)
    2. All I Want Is You > Streets (Lovetown) - sorry for the modification
    3. Please > Streets (Popmart)
  6. 1. Running To Stand Still -> Streets
    2. Please -> Streets
    3. Zooropa -> Streets

    The worst? Pride -> Streets.
  7. Please > Streets number one
    All I Want > would be second
    I will usually skip Streets after listening to RTSS in Zoo TV
  8. So, with 2.8% of the vote Pride -> Streets has received at least a few votes. Do we have a way of tracking these people down? Is there an autoban set up?
  9. All I Want Is You into Bad...Point Depot 89 (Not Streets I know ha)
  10. 1. Please
    2.-3. Zooropa and RTSS
  11. 1. RTSS
    2. Zooropa / Please.

    I assumed RTSS would win in a landslide, so I voted for Zooropa instead.


    ...now that you mentioned that one... I would seriously consider Auld Lang Syne as the best lead into Streets ever, btw.