1. I would rate Zooropa higher if Bono is silent and doesn't speak during transition...
  2. Although I chose the ZooTV tour segue, I really like both of the Elevation tour ones...and, as a way of leveling the playing field, if you add them together, they are in 2nd place.
  3. Running To Stand Still > Streets (ZooTV) for me

    second : Please > Streets (Popmart)
  4. I've gone for RTSS~streets but Jesus Christ , that is hard although 360 was terrible so that's a non-runner
  5. The Walk On into Streets at the Sheffield show was quite nice, however. It had the You'll Never Walk Alone snippet.
  6. The snippets made the start of Streets on 360. You'll Never Walk Alone, Amazing Grace, Purple Rain...
  7. Please. Was my first live experience, I'll never forget it.
  8. The start of the Joshua Tree Tour. First song Streets.
    Upcoming with Streets was amazing.
  9. Zooropa and Running to Stand Still... but special mention for a thing that occurred only few times...

    Mothers Of The Disappeared (snippet) / Streets at Buenos Aires and Santiago 2011...
  10. I had to go with Please > Streets but good lord that was a hard choice
  11. No doubt in my mind : Please (Popmart)
  12. I think on the 360, it wasn't Walk on>Streets, it was ONE//Amazing Grace (or Hallelujah)// Streets and It's a great transition, it's in my top 3 !!!