1. A thread where you can post pictures about where you are - what do you see. I personally would love to see pictures from U2Start-members around the world in various places and circumstances.

  2. My backyard. I´m soooo waiting for the spring and summer!!!
  3. Two senators were arguing in the Roman Forum. They used very bad language and suddenly a man came up to them saying "You can´t talk like this here!!". The senators were amazed! "Who was that?" - the other senator asked. "He was the moderator of this forum" - said the other.

    Yep! The title of this thread is bad. It should say: "Snapshot - This is where I am now".

    What do you think? Is there any need for thingy like this?
  4. Hmm, this is an interesting idea. It seems like a pretty good one, seeing the geographic differences and whatnot? I like
  5. sounds like a cool idea, hope I can share something some time!
  6. It's dark out right now, but I can try posting tomorrow
  7. cool topic!

  8. from my window is still summer

  9. Venice airport, waiting to go home!

  10. Indianapolis' Canal is right outside our apartment complex. It was green this Thursday for St. Patrick's Day.

  11. i live on the adriatic coast 200 km south from Venice . It's Rimini /Riccione on the beach .
  12. Heh; Andreas post @ your laptop. Was Venice still afloat? Would love to visit the city next time I am at Italy.