2001-05-15 - Chicago
Tour: Elevation Tour
Songs played: 23
Audio recordings: 3
  1. Another edition of #U2liveshow, hosted by our very own Tim (iTim). We will broadcast the audio recording of a show from the past via our Mixlr.

    About #U2liveshow
    As part of #U2liveshow we will host many liveshows (audio, but also video if possible) with lots of interesting stuff around it. We will plan them on different dates and times to accommodate as many fans as possible. Every liveshow will also have a rotating host, which will be crew members and fans such as yourself. If you want to host one, let us know!

    About this show
    We will broadcast a show from the recent past, its a classic from the Elevation tour where our Irish friends mix it up and give the audience a real treat. We won't tell you which show it is.

    Broadcast details
    Date and time: Sunday 17 April, 18:00 GMT
    Where: In this topic and on our Mixlr

    We hope to see you there, add it to your calendar
  2. YES!!! Elevation Tour!
  3. The Elevation tour deserves more credit. The Fly and Gone were both great.
  4. pj in rome as supporter u2, oh what a day
  5. Looking forward to attending one of these again
  6. I love Elevation shows. This will be a blast.
  7. The goal is soul!

  8. I have really started to appreciate the Elevation Tour in recent months and I really love Bono's voice during it.
  9. I really loved the Elevation Tour at that time. studiet setlists every morning, listened to the latest bootlegs and cannot wait the end of July to see them live in Vienna. the first Vienna´s show was nothing special, but the second gig??? absolutely fantastic!!!
  10. The Elevation tour is beyond epic. I've got every single bootleg from here in my iTunes from that tour.