1985-01-31 - Cologne
Tour: Unforgettable Fire Tour
Songs played: 18
Audio recordings: 2
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    About this show
    We will broadcast our show of the month, which took place on 31 January 1985 in Cologne, with the longest version of 40 ever played.

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    Date and time: Saturday 30 April, 19:00 GMT
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    Every month we have a show in the spotlights, the show of this month took place on 1985-01-31 in Cologne, Germany. You can download this show, read reviews or write your own review on the shows page here. In this thread you can discuss this show!

    "A fantastic show that will always be remembered by the best version of '40' ever: more than 16 minutes! You can't miss this one"

    1985-01-31 - Cologne, Germany - Sporthalle

    11 O'Clock Tick Tock
    I Will Follow
    The Unforgettable Fire
    Sunday Bloody Sunday
    The Cry
    The Electric Co. / America (snippet) / Wooden Heart (snippet)
    A Sort Of Homecoming
    New Year's Day
    Pride (In The Name Of Love)

    Party Girl
    Two Hearts Beat As One
    40 / Do They Know It's Christmas (snippet)

    Comments on this show
    This months show of the month is an amazing show from The Unforgettable Fire era. Bono's voice was in great shape for this show and the crowd really was into it. This show is famous for the longest version of 40 ever, it lasts almost 17 minutes. The band finished it after 8,5 minutes but the crowd kept singing so loud that U2 returned for almost an encore of 40! An incredible end to a great show with many highlights such as Seconds, Bad, Gloria and Two Hearts Beat As One. You will not be disappointed by this show.

  2. 17 minute 40.

  3. From Pimm:
    "During Pride a girl from the audience runs onstage and clings to Bono, refusing to let go. He escapes from her firm grip, lifts her over his shoulder, brings her to the edge of the stage and helps her back into the audience, There is an exceptionally long performance of 40, during which all but Larry leave the stage twice only to return and play on. Bono asks several people on the balcony to stop throwing sparklers down into the audience."

    We are fortunate to have a great sounding boot for this show (Unforgettable Firecrackers). The performance of 40 is extraordinary. CMIPalaeo was saying how the audience makes 40 their song. You can't find better example of that here. Even the drama of the firecrackers like the tear gas in Paris 1987. Something happened around these days because Stockholm 6 days before also has a 15 min 40.
    Great show.
  4. No snippets during Bad ?? i have to listen again this show
  5. Only three snippets in the whole show apparently. A bit rare to have such a low number of snippets?
  6. I have this show and it's a good one
  7. hey nice cover, o it is made by me
  8. Not long enough I say!

    It's time for a 40 minute long version. This *might* satisfy me.

    I remember when I got 'War' when it came out on CD and left "40" playing on repeat all night long. I never tire of it.

    This show has escaped my archives so far, time to add it to the collection methinketh!
  9. This show will be broadcasted as part of U2start liveshow next Saturday, 30 April
  10. Tomorrow... Tune in everyone!