1. Just saw them in Brussels.

    The audience was amazing. Lol. So loud! So uplifting.
    My fave part was just the Mandolin Medley they did with House of Gold, Can't help falling in love etc. Trees, Ode to Sleep,

    Also. This small video part in the beginning of the show where Josh their drummer was at home and there was a ghost in the house who tried to make him stay inside.
    I can imagine it might have been really corny for people who don't understand it. But it really hit home.

    Can not wait to hear or see these guys in the future. Just leaves you wanting more.

  2. The crew had a trex on their mixboard screens. Which was adorable.

  3. Was extremely close to the B stage and then this happened!

    Hard working guys.
  4. The dutch band Chef Special toured with TOP on the American leg of the tour, and specially for the Netherlands they came on stage during Jump and instead of Tyler, the leadsinger of Chef Special went in to the hamster ball (I will post that video soon).

    My view:

  5. aww you got the can't help falling in love snippet
  6. single might be dropping today...
  7. new album is called TRENCH