1. only ever saw little clips of this, but not the whole thing. really worth a watch with hilarious interview bits in between thanks for digging that up! saving it, too, just in case.
  2. The best tour I have seen U2 on.......
  3. Check out the other videos this guy has. Its quite a treasure trove!
  4. Love Town is my favorite U2 tour. Indoor. Desire into All along the watchtower, opening with Bullet, God part 2, One Tree hill, 2 guitars, the encore with the BB King band.
    I hope the 2017 JT Tour is a bit like Love Town.
  5. I still take Lovetown as another legs for JT tour (just like Zooropa is part of ZOO TV). Similar setlists with the same arrangements, new songs instead of covers... to me LT are the best legs of JT tour
  6. there was talk of a pay per view for this tour but it did not happen
    i would complain about it not being in the usa but so many people in other countries have had to go without tours.
  7. Bono was somewhat struggling with his voice in mid-December 1989. I remember it so well as we had tickets for the 30 December 1989 show at the Point Depot in Dublin - the famous "Dream It All Up Again" speech. The band rescheduled a few shows into January 1990. Thankfully this allowed Bono to rest up for a couple of weeks. The 30 December show went ahead and all I can say is it was just amazing! 5000 capacity for this show as well as the other Point Depot performances. We were right at the front of the stage and I remember being able to read the actual set list pinned to the stage floor. I kept nudging my friends that "Out of Control" was on the set list and sure enough the band ripped into this classic song during the set.