1. Another edition of #U2liveshow, hosted by a guest-host (who we share later!). We will broadcast the audio recording of a show from the past via our Mixlr.

    About #U2liveshow
    As part of #U2liveshow we will host many liveshows (audio, but also video if possible) with lots of interesting stuff around it. We will plan them on different dates and times to accommodate as many fans as possible. Every liveshow will also have a rotating host, which will be crew members and fans such as yourself. If you want to host one, let us know!

    About this show
    On 28 May it is one year ago that U2 put on a rare 'club' show at the Roxy theatre in Los Angeles. It featured some very rare performances such as the show opener The Ocean and 11 O'Clock Tick Tock. A very enthusiastic small crowd, an intimate venue and our favourite band playing like they did way back when.

    Broadcast details
    Date and time: Saturday 28 May, 8:00PM PST.
    Where: In this topic and on our Mixlr

    We hope to see you there, add it to your calendar
  2. The Roxy!!!

    Don't stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep

  3. I just realised how late this is.

    All those tuning in across the pond, enjoy!
  4. Yeah, it's too late even for me. Have fun if you'll be here!
  5. Wow! I love this show

    I don't think I'll make it though, it'll be closer to May 29 for me than May 28
  6. Too late even for the eastern time zone! I have occasionally been on here at that time of the morning and it's usually just me showing up as online. I do wonder how many will actually show up. At least the host will be having fun.
  7. Y'all listened to it at that time last year!
  8. Actually, I waited til the next day to hear Sil's screams the bootleg
  9. It might be an interesting new perspective on the Roxy show, and one that will not be repeated
  10. In five hours