1. hi my name is andy ...just joined up ....im from the uk , england ..well the north of england ,,, ok lancs ...just on the lancs / cumbria border ....thought i better say hello any members up my way ? say hello please
  2. Hi Any, Im from near you. Im from Wigan inbetween Liverpool & Manchester, welcome to the site.
  3. hello welcome here
  4. hi guys thanks for the welcome ....anybody want to join me on facebook my name is andrew john redman
  5. Welcome Andy
  6. Welcome to the forum Andy!
  7. Hi Andy ! welcome !
  8. Hi Andy. Greetings from Cork !!
  9. Welcome aboard, Andy. Greetings from America!
  10. Hi Andy!
  11. Hi Andy from Italy
  12. Hey there ! Welcome to the forum!