1. Hi all,

    Just wanted to let you know about our new podcast, RevU2, in which two bespectacled U2 fans review all of U2's output, beginning with their first three studio albums. Join us on our musical journey from innocence to experience. Boy and October are already posted and War will soon follow. Let us know what you think in the Soundcloud comments or via revu2contact@gmail.com.

    We know spammers can be a blight on forums, so thanks to Remy and U2start for allowing us to post about this here. The show is by fans for fans, purely for fun and we’d love to hear what other fans think. See you there.

  2. Sounds very cool. Will definitely check it out
    Thanks for sharing.
  3. Hello again,

    Just wanted to say that Episode 3 - 'War' of RevU2 is available now on Soundcloud! Listen, enjoy and don't forget to share your thoughts on everything U2 in the comments. 'Boy' and 'October' are still up and have garnered some interesting feedback already.

  4. Will check you out when I find some spare time. Keep it up guys!
  5. Cheers! Hope you enjoy it.
  6. Episode 4 (The Unforgettable Fire) of the RevU2 Podcast is now available and it's probably our best so far. This time we share some interesting opinions on Pride (In the Name of Love), disagree about 4th of July and Jonny reveals his favourite U2 song. As always, we hope you enjoy it and spread the word. Oh and bring on the new single!
  7. Once again, RevU2 has a new episode in which we take on mighty The Joshua Tree and attempt to say something new about it. Do pop over to the Podcast if you fancy hearing two fans ramble on about U2's landmark album. Cheers guys.
  8. I'm FINALLY starting to listen to your podcasts
  9. Hope you enjoy them! We're really excited/slightly daunted by the prospect of fellow U2 fanatics listening in (most of which undoubtedly have more in depth knowledge than us). Hopefully we do them justice, show our enthusiasm for the albums and avoid making too many mistakes!
  10. I like them a lot and I find myself agreeing with you both on things I'd never realized (like Twilight not really fitting somehow into Boy, or the "you run, it runs, we run" changes in One Tree Hill's choruses for the feeling of togetherness and tribute to Greg Carroll).

    My only criticism is that I think you should have (had) a low-volume version of each song you're talking about running in the background, and maybe let it play for a few seconds when you start to talk about it. Of course your advice of playing the albums along the review kind of fits this suggestion, but doing it yourselves would help with the timings and syncing the podcast with each song. Other than that, hats off guys
  11. Thanks for the feedback (it's impossible to avoid puns on this forum!) it's really appreciated. We did wrestle for quite a while with the idea of including the album tracks as a bed and it would definitely contextualise our rambles more clearly. The more we looked into it however, the more we became concerned about rights infringement etc. It seemed like common knowledge to us that you can freely use up to 30 seconds of any music, but legal speaking this turned out to be quite shaky and anecdotal rather than clear-cut fair use. There's always the possibility of going back and adding in the tracks to the background of episodes if we get some kind of guarantee it's ok, but without that assurance, we went with the more cautious option. It would be interesting to hear if anyone has any firmer knowledge on that question to be honest. Thanks again for listening, Rattle and Hum shouldn't be too far off.
  12. Ahhh, right infringement, I get you now. I just couldn't understand why the hell hadn't you thought about it haha. Makes perfect sense then. Keep on the good work! I listened to all of them except TUF so far, so R6H better come soon