1. Hey all. We've noticed a resurgence of interest in b-sides on the forum, which is great for two reasons.

    Firstly, it's been really interesting to see the diversity of (often overlooked) tracks which have been highlighted for praise. Love Comes Tumbling, Deep in the Heart and Everlasting Love - we're looking at you

    Secondly, it's a pretty timely coincidence as we are releasing our reviews of the official 80s and 90s b-sides collections this and next Wednesday! We have wanted to discuss the massive number of b-sides for some time now and felt this was a good way to go about it. As you'll see, we felt there were some real album-worthy tracks and some which felt like sketches or odd inclusions on both official releases.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy it and see you tomorrow for the release of the 80s episode.
  2. Hey all, our B-sides journey continues with the Best of the 1990-2000 second disc. This episode was half joyous, half exhausting and we really hope you enjoy listening. As usual, all comments and opinions are welcome. Cheers.

  3. Hello, hello again for the final time in Season 3 (at least until SoE is released). This is a comparatively brief episode about our hopes and expectations for the coming year. Thanks again to everyone who has enjoyed or endured our rambles over the past few months - the continued listens, comments and reviews are always very much appreciated. We should hopefully return at some point soon with a season focused on live output. Cheers all!

  4. I need to catch up with your podcasts, guys, I loved them but lost track right after R&H
  5. Enjoyed the podcasts guys keep them coming, look forward to hearing your thoughts on Live U2
  6. Hi there all,
    There's obviously a lot happening at this exciting time and we've been trying to avoid spoilers for the JT tour, but we thought we'd mention our two new episodes: 'Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark' and 'XXX and Red Hill Mining Town'. We'll be covering the band's live output soon but we hope you enjoy these recent episodes before that season properly kicks off. Cheers guys!

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  7. Hello all, Season 4: The Story of U2 Live begins with us reviewing U2's early years and the Marquee Club gig in 1980, otherwise known as 'Another Time, Another Place'. Hope you all enjoy and will join us on our rambling journey through U2's live shows, cheers. Next week Red Rocks...

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  8. Hi all, just letting you know that we have been steadily working our way through the live releases and tours, including our trip to Twickenham on the Joshua Tree Tour, and will soon be concluding the season. We have been loving the feedback and hope you enjoy listening. The latest episode is Vertigo live from Chicago. Cheers guys.

  9. Great, looking forward to hearing it. Thanks!