1. We all had fun with our first U2start quiz. It's time to challenge you one more time.

    Quiz: Setlist Rarities
    We love it when our favorite band goes off script and performs a rarity in a concert. How familiar are you with these special moments? This quiz will test your knowledge!

    Quiz level: Intermediate
    Quiz ends on 2018-12-31.

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    To take part, go here: http://www.u2start.com/quiz/3/

    Was the quiz too easy for you? Well, try now the advanced part!
    Quiz: Setlist Rarities (Advanced)
    U2 are not known for shaking up their setlists, but every once in a while they surprise us with rarities and special moments that make a show truly unique. Do you think you know everything about rarities? Prove it in this quiz.

    Quiz level: Advanced
    Quiz ends on 2018-12-31.
    To take part, go here: http://www.u2start.com/quiz/2/

    This topic is to discuss everything about this quiz. Please do not disclose any questions or answers in this topic, it will make it less fun. We really appreciate ANY feedback, as to functionality and anything related to the quiz.

    Good luck and don't forget to post here your results
  2. Ouch that advanced quiz was bad, real bad.

  3. I did better on the advanced than the intermediate one!

  4. If the quiz was an intermediate quiz about other theme that I deslike, probably my answers would be wrong

    Well, what some people say it's intermediate we could have serious problems to answer, but things that can be considered avanced could be more easy to us... anyway, great quizzes, I love it!!
  5. By the way...

    Intermediate: 8/10
    Advanced: 8/12
  6. First one went OK, 7 correct. Second one though Just 2. More guessing than anything else.
  7. I did horrible
  8. I'm impressed that Sergio got 10 in the Advanced quiz.