1. 80s for me
  2. 90's
  3. Originally posted by RattleandHum1988:[..]
    ...except that U2 didn't put out any music in the 70s...

    Anyway, what I'm saying is while the output in the 90s might be their best (I don't think it is), a large portion of that in my opinion stems from the fact that people like the 90s for what they weren't, which was more 80s U2.

    The 80s just have too much to not win. Too much greatness, too much legendary goodness.

    Technically, incorrect. Not nearly enough to define them for the decade, but U2 Three was released in Sept of 79...
  4. What has been, or is, U2's best decade?

    The nineties - 46%
    The eighties - 33.3%
    The current decade - 10.7%
    The 2000s - 5.8%

    Votes: 990
  5. for me "The eighties"

    TUF and JT