1. NOTE: You can still and will always be able to download shows/audio recordings, just click on "shows"

    After long considerations we have decided to shutdown the U2start torrents section. There are several reasons behind this decision.

    The first is that the torrents section never became as popular as we hoped that it would become. But more importantly, the torrents section always gave us a bit of legal trouble. When we started it we had to take down Google Ads. And more recently our collaboration with PayPal was terminated by PayPal for the sole reason that PayPal (just as Google) cannot be associated with torrents, whether legal or not.

    Finally, shutting down our torrents section means that we can focus more on other things. We will put even more efforts into our shows section, originals and photos. We will still share bigger files but will do so via filehosts instead of torrents. Modern internet makes it much easier for us to share big files, also making the need for torrents less.

    Based on all of this and with a tour upcoming in 2017 we decided it's for the best to bite the bullet. Thanks to all who contributed to our torrents section. It has been a fun ride and we'll have many more fun rides together in the coming years
  3. No

    When? Is there still a bit time to dl some things,or will it end any moment now? Sad
  4. Current connections will still continue for some time.
  5. Well then, fare thoughts and understandable reasons to shut it down. Sad to see it go, but infinite thanks to all who contributed to the torrents sections, as well to the crew who kept it all working over the years. You are my heroes, no kidding. Thank you.
  6. It's been a blast Thank you all for contributing, donwloading, commenting, requesting, sharing.
  7. I just want to add that we will still work hard to put in this page past and present bootlegs as direct links. That is not going to change.
  8. there are enough other site's for U2 downloads.
    we accept your decision
  9. This will still be a side for U2 downloads, just not through torrents.
  10. I prefer downloading in the shows section anyway. It's clearer and more fun. U2start is the best!
  11. +2