1. Hey everyone!!

    My name is Ender Bowen. I'm pretty much all over the map but my U2 fandom has been a part of my life since I was fifteen. That was 21 years ago!

    Yup! My U2 fandom is now old enough to legally drink!! So pour me a pint of Guinness!

    A few things about me, and U2... and... some more me...

    I bought Achtung Baby when I was 14 from one of those penny tape catalogue things... just to buy it... I knew a couple of the songs on it but apart from that my interest was in Aerosmith, Motley Crue and stuff like that... One day, I popped the tape in my cassette player and found myself listening to "One" over and over again. This was about January/February 1995. I ventured forth with some of the other songs on the tape and, essentially, that album (on CD) is never out of my player. It changed my life, gave me this crazy new obsession (I taped U2 videos on VH1's 4th of July weekend of videos that year), I had purchased every U2 album up to that point by the end of summer, I bought ZooTV Live from Sydney and had the HMTMKMKM single as soon as it came out. I bought and read At The End of The World in like 4 days, and I even purchased and wore out Passengers on tape the day it came out (still one of my favorites). I remember staying up late in the morning in January 1997 so that I could record "Discotheque"'s premiere on MTV's U2 AtoZ. It was worth it.

    So it goes without saying that a lot of the vibes in my music come from a very huge U2 influence. But I've got others - the Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, The Killers, David Bowie... just about anything 80s, 90s pop and techno, and so on.

    Favorite U2 albums... Achtung Baby, POP (probably all-time favorite), and Passengers Original Soundtracks 1 (if you include a song from it on a best of, it's a U2 album). I lean VERY heavily 90s on them. But I like the adventure.

    Right now I'm going through a phase of remastering my earlier work (from 15 years ago) and releasing it all on the major digital platforms but I'm also working on a new album. I have a website that very much focuses not just on my music but the journey of a struggling artist who also has to hold down a family, a mortgage, a job and all that fun stuff, in the hopes it will inspire others to not give up on their dreams. When I first started I wanted to be a big huge rock star. Now I just want to make enough money doing it where I can pay the bills and provide some stability for my family, as well as help and inspire people whether or not they are on a journey to realize specific dreams.

    Anyway... Hi! I love to talk anything U2 and entertainment in general. In particular I like a lot of Scifi (I'm a crazy Transformers fan, I like Star Trek, I miss Firefly and Farscape and it shouldn't be a surprise where my name comes from), I love Penn & Teller (because I'm fascinated by the art of magic), I am pretty deep into my knowledge of pro wrestling industry and I love TV.

    Thanks and God Bless!!

    Ender Bowen
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  12. Welcome Ender! What a nice story you got there. Can we listen to any of your U2/Muse/Kilelrs/Bowie influenced songs?