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    The question of this new You Too is:

    You Too: What is your expected release period for Songs of Experience?
    - First quarter of 2017
    - Second quarter of 2017
    - Final half of 2017
    - 2018
    - It will never be released

    Please vote on the frontpage of the website, in this topic you can tell us why you voted for your answer.
  2. I'm sure I will be listening to SOE in the first quarter of 2017... along with the Rick Rubin's HTDAAB sessions, the POP of 1996 and SOA, while the moon turns red and the stars fall from the sky.
  3. In all seriousness, I expect a March release.
  4. First quarter of 2017
  5. It will never be released
  6. Hoping for a first quarter release, fearing a late Autumn one
  7. First quarter.

    *fingers crossed*
  8. "Never be released" more voted than "2018." I guess people think if it's not released in 2017 it won't be released at all.

    I think first quarter 2017 seem most likely.
  9. I'm saying 1st quarter. They'll announce spring tour right after the holidays or during the superbowl so they'll gorce their own hands to get it out.
  10. The correct answer is: last quarter of 2017. But I can't find that option...

    (btw: the 'never be released is also a real possibility; it would not surpise me if the titel of the next album is going to be a completely new one, and not SoE)
  11. First the release will be postponed, then due to circumstances it will be postponed again, then because of summer holiday it will be postponed again, then because the band figures the album isn't quiet ready yet it will be postponed to 2018...
  12. I think it's gonna be this summer, early 2017 concert dates announced