1. Every month we have a U2 show in the spotlights, the show of this month took place on 1981-11-14 - Boston. You can download this show, read reviews or write your own review on the show page here. In this thread you can discuss this show!

    "Possibly the best October concert. Truly strong performance in the band's North American home-away-from-home."

    1981-11-14 - Boston, Massachusetts - The Orpheum Theater

    Another Time, Another Place
    I Threw A Brick Through A Window
    An Cat Dubh
    Into The Heart
    With A Shout
    The Cry
    The Electric Co.
    I Fall Down
    Stories For Boys
    I Will Follow
    Out Of Control

    11 O'Clock Tick Tock
    The Ocean

    The first show of the month in 2017 brings us back to the October tour, to one of the best shows of the tour. This show in Boston, which was broadcasted on local radio, had the band at its best. Bono was also really in a good mood despite his voice not being at its best which can be observed during Electric Co. and I Fall Down. Highlights on this show include 11 O'Clock, With A Shout, Another Time, Another Place and The Ocean. Sound-wise, this show has a great recording which makes this a great memory of the early days of U2.

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    1981-11-14 - Boston, Massachusetts - The Orpheum Theater
  2. This is a great show... I don't think it's the best October show, but we have some good details... Larry's backing vocals in Gloria and Adam's backing vocals in Fire, we can hear them perfectly... and Fradoca remaster is a great source
  3. One of my favorites. At the time the combo Brick-> ADWM was not invented yet, but Another Time Another Place sounds great and we have one of the first With A Shout. At the beginning of the show you can hear a girl shouting "Hi Mom!" in the radio broadcast. That was funny.
    I love the late Boy/October performances of 11 O'Clock with a lot of participation from the crowd.
  4. also one of my favorites bootleg
  5. Great Early U2 Show Well done on remaster amazing sound quality !
    Thank for posting !
  6. see the ticket price