1. damn I would give a finger for a setlist without any songs after RAH
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    I guess my fat fingers typed "is" and not "if" creating some confusion ... but thanks for having my back, Sergio!

    Ah got you !! I'd take God part ll
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    Empeorado by the fact that it was a crappy version. Had it been like the Elevation ones and it would've been bearable, but the 2015 versions... oh dear

    If they play b sides they have to be Spanish eyes & Silver and gold
  4. I'd love Luminous times & Walk to the water but no chance
  5. Hallelujah Here She Comes... Would be great but will never happen !
  6. Great tune l've never heard it live so indeed it'd be a welcome addition to the setlist.

  7. 1. Out of Control (Night 1 in a city) or Gloria (Night 2)
    2. Spanish Eyes
    3. Vertigo
    4. October
    5. New Year's Day
    6. Beautiful Day
    7. Desire
    8. Party Girl (Night 1) or AIWIY (Night 2)
    9. Angel of Harlem (Night 1) or ASOH (Night 2)
    10. Seconds
    11. Sunday Bloody Sunday
    12. Pride
    13. Bad/40

    14. Streets
    15. ISHFWILF
    16. WOWY
    17. Bullet
    18. RTSS
    19. RHMT
    20. In Gods Country
    21. Trip
    22. One Tree Hill
    23. Exit
    24. Mothers

    25. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
    26. Sweetest Thing
    27. One
  8. ^ I like that a lot... and it's not that far fetched or a pipe dream!
  9. Sweetest thing in the encore, please NOT, would be disappointing for me.