1. Yes! 2 x GA's for Dublin and Amsterdam !
  2. Godd screwed on the country thing. Any chance they will release more presale seats for Dublin ?
  3. are all the presale tickets for Dublin gone??
  4. I have had no luck!
  5. Will they release more? There was never a limit before, thought I had a bit of wiggle room....
  6. For those trying for Barcelona: KEEP TRYING
    More tix keep dropping every now and then. Right now there are GAs and 100 & 175€ seats available, while a few mins ago only 175 seats showed up.
    direct link to Ticketmaster Spain
  7. Just got 4 GA Pitch 2 tickets for Dublin! Yay
  8. Got my 4 seats for Dublin 15 mins ago.
  9. Yes, just came up about 10 minutes ago! Keep trying!