1. Philadelphia - RedZone

    New York - RedZone

    Potentially Houston or Dallas if I schedule myself to be down there that week for work.
  2. rome that's all for now
  3. Amsterdam GA
  4. Originally posted by Toxic:A'dam but only because I promissed my sone last time - next time you come with us. In germany he wouldn't be allowed to enter. Mojo just send me the o.k. to bring him ... he's alreaddy freekin' out.

    How old is he?
  5. Dublin!!!!
  6. HERE HERE!!!
    (edmonton to dublin for the first time)

    Originally posted by dieder:[..]

    very cool. I decided to postpone my pilgrimage because of a different trip I want to make this year, but I hope I will see them in Dublin before they retire
  7. Hopefully Dallas
    Hopefully Miami (first time in this city)
  8. London GA
  9. London (seats)
    Dublin (GA)
    Brussel (GA)

    Boston (seats) - hopefully
    East Rutherford (GA) - hopefully
  10. Philadelphia!!
  11. Secured a ticket for the Rose Bowl!