1. Rome 1 and 2 GA
  2. london 9-juli 2 times amsterdam and brussels
  3. its going to be:

    London 2 and Dublin

    in between we are doing Depeche Mode in Belarus and Ukraine........pretty decent 2 weeks.
  4. None. Brazil and U2 aren't friends anymore
  5. I'm flying in from South Africa for the Dallas show on 26 May. Will be in Dallas form the 20th of May: I'd love to spend some time with fellow U2 fans in the Dallas area.

  6. I'm flying in from South Africa for the Dallas show.
    Let's get together.
  7. Loiusville KY
  8. Updated:
    London 1&2
    Amsterdam 1&2
  9. Booked London 1 got tickets and a hotel sorted for that.

    Reserved a hotel room for Berlin too with Free Cancellation - really hoping i can get across to Berlin.
  10. (New here...)

    Rose Bowl 1st show, LA. Driving from Tempe/Chandler area in Arizona for it, disappointed that Tempe or Phoenix wasn't on the mix. We are there the 2nd night too...the right price on a ticket and I might go both nights.