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    The question of this new You Too is:

    You Too: Which of these Joshua Tree songs do you look forward to most hearing live?
    - Running To Stand Still
    - Red Hill Mining Town
    - In God's Country
    - Trip Through Your Wires
    - One Tree Hill
    - Exit
    - Mothers Of The Disappeared

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  2. One Tree Hill, although I always liked the idea that it was a song for special occasions
  3. Very much doubting between Exit and One Tree Hill. If they do it well Exit might be it.
  4. Mothers of the disappeared. There are many ways they can play it and it might be my favourite song....
  5. Exit!
  6. Exit. Even though I think Bono will have to whisper sing it I expect Adam will just absolutely own it.
  7. Exit!
  8. Exit! Hope they play it like JFK in 1987, blew everyone away with the aircraft landing lights on stage!
  9. Exit!
  10. Correct answer is Exit, with Van Morrison's Gloria snippet.
  11. Exit would be 2nd choice, but I gotta go for one of two songs I havent seen live. And Red Hill Mining Town has to win over Mothers of the Disappeared...
  12. Red Hill Mining Town but one tree hill and exit run it close.