1. Hi everyone,

    Ive been a fan since 1981.. long time now! I am a filmmaker, and I want to make a film about us.. U2 Fans. I want to call it Dream Out Loud, Inside the City of Blinding Lights, and I need your help to do it. I want to make a really professional film that the fans deserve, and to do that I need a few things.

    1. I need your support.. please go to DreamOutLoudFilm dot com and check out our Kickstarter.
    2. I need your stories! If you have a great story, an interaction with the band, something the music has meant or done for you, a great story about the shows, or friends made in the GA line.. whatever it is.. I want to hear about it.
    3. Please help spread the word on the U2 fan sites, Facebook fan pages and your own out reach, because together we can make this happen this year, on this tour.

    Lets make this film together!

  2. Interesting Idea Dave.
    which one is you in the photo?
  3. Cool idea! Is that Dennis in the back?
  4. A verry good idea
  5. Thanks... let me answer a few questions.
    I am in front in the picture with wearing a black shirt next to Edge.
    This photo was taken at the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz BB King Tribute show.
    Bono and Edge were there and they played Love Came To Town with BB King, it was the last time they played that song with him before he died. I got to interview Bono and Edge, and we filmed the performance, but sadly that show has never seen the light of day.

    Yes that is Dennis Sheehan in the background, I have met him a few times at film shoots I have done around U2 shows over the years, he was a wonderful guy.

    If any of you can help, please head over to the campaign... and if you have ideas... let me know what they are. Lets make this a reality this year!
  6. In the past 24 hours I have heard from some amazing fans. So many say they want to back the project, and that is encouraging... I hope they do.
    I wanted to share a couple of quick stories. Do you guys remember the Windmill Lane watchers? I remember hearing about them, but never met any. It was a group of mostly young teens that used to hang out at Windmill Lane Studios in the 1980s, they would help share what the band was up to. And they all had some pretty incredible experiences. Well one of them reached out to me and shared a bit of her story. She said that the entire band would come and talk with them, but particularly Bono... he showed a lot of interest in them, and was like a big brother to them. Thats an incredible story, what a connection, and moments like that need to be put to film, it really is almost music history they were a part of. Please help us do that by backing the campaign. You can find it by clicking the link in my signature.

    Another story... anyone remember The Bank Robbers? They got to get up on stage with the band on the Vertigo Tour in NJ. I was next to them talking to Bono when they gave them a CD of them doing a punk cover of Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Bono said he would listen, and he told them to stand at a specific spot on the floor, and watch for his guy. Nobody thought he would actually do anything... but then he did.. he went and found the bank robbers and pulled them on stage and let them lead a ruff, but fun version of Still Havent Found. I saw it all unfold, it was amazing. Well the Bank Robbers got in touch with me yesterday too. Another great story, and there are so many more... please help me tell them.
  7. Im going to go live on Facebook Thursday January 26 at 11 PM London time, 6 PM East Coast time, 3 PM West coast time. To talk about the film and the campaign so we can share some thoughts and ideas. I want to hear from you all so join me at the dreamoutloudU2fanfilm facebook page.

  8. U2 fans help us tell OUR STORY!
    This is our chance to let the world see how unique the U2 tribe is.
    We have a new graphic for the film! So far we have raised nearly $3000, but we have a long way to go. Please support the film today at www.DreamOutLoudFilm.com Check us out on facebook at facebook/DreamOutLoudFilm and on Twitter at twitter/U2FanFilm
    Together we can make this happen this year!
  9. Wow that looks really good
  10. Love the idea!
  11. Thank you.. please support the film and help us spread the word on social media. We can make this happen this year.
  12. Hey mate. There is a lot of critisism towards this project on social media, that its just a fan trying to crowdfund their travel and concert tickets to U2 shows. What do you say to that?

    (Just the messenger here by the way.. although part of me indeed thinks its a lot of money!)