2017-05-12 - Vancouver
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Songs played: 23
Audio recordings: 6
Videos: 1
  1. I'm not MAJORLY excited for the tour itself - I mean, I'll be excited once I get to experience it myself in london, because hell, it's my favourite band playing live, what's not to like? - currently I'm just... super looking forward to having the guys BE on tour I don't know, all that surrounds it, that's what I can't wait for right now.
  2. Just exited to see the lads, see my U2 family , and supercurious about the the stage & other technical details.
    Also looking forward to FINALY seeing OTH and RTSS , live.

  3. So I guess U2 going on tour doesn't excite you anymore? That's a bit depressing.
  4. I'm nowhere near buzzing yet. Happy to wait patiently for this tour. I'm looking forward to the trips more than the shows at this point.
  5. 3 weeks!
  6. you guys that are not excited, wait til you see the first video of Exit live... I bet you gonna go crazy
  7. That was a strange sentence to read. EXIT LIVE
  8. It's a great year for me music wise, my two favourite bands from the last 30 years (U2 & Simple Minds) are both out on the road again this year, and I'm seeing them both (will be first time I've seen SM since 2003, and I don't think I've ever seen both bands live in the same year).

    Both still at it all these years later, who'd have thunk. Gonna soak it up as much as I can, cos you never know what's around the corner and it might well be the last time round, nothing ever lasts forever.
  9. I just re-watched the Live in Paris JT show last night...Exit is so incredibly intense. I can't wait.