1. As reports of rehearsed songs are appearing all over the internet, I'm closing this thread temporarily. Thank you all for participating. We will come back to this thread after opening night to see who's the winner.
  2. And I'm back to go over your answers and check if we had a winner.
    The correct answers were:
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    1) 22
    2) Sunday Bloody Sunday
    3) The Little Things That Give You Away (New Song)
    4) Yes

    I'm sorry to say that none of you had this right. In fact, none of you had neither the opener or the closer right! (It was almost impossible to guess this tour).
    Special mention to Greg (blueeyedboy) for suggesting that
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    A new song was going to be the opener
    which was half-right.

    Anyway, thanks again for your answers. I hope we can make another contest very soon!