1. hahaha, nice excuse ... because calling your friend is much more complicated than spending 50/90/140€ in the new reissue, right?

  2. The first photos of our shirts worn by others are coming in!
  3. I knew you were great a creating a website, Remy, but I didn't know you were able to invent a time machine!

    Can you take be back to that 2001 Toronto show I didn't get tickets for? I'll pay the scalper what he wants this time around!!!!
  4. Due to requests we have added a second hoodie with the "The Tree" design and a second tanktop with the same one. Happy shopping

  5. Ordered this one today
    + a new "California" shirt: THEE best shirt ever
    (the old one is just worn off...still sweet for that vintage surf look though )

  6. i will buy a new one in Rome, now that one, classic weared in Turin 4 and 5th september 2015 with u2.com membership badge
  7. Just got the dispatch e-mail
  8. ordered a shirt and a tanktop just now