1. Arrived today, great shirt!

  2. Hoodie arrived today. Love it!

  3. looking comfy, remy!

    here's the girly tanktop in L (the M size is still up for grabs, if anyone wants it!! just dm me) - this one fits me perfectly, definitely gonna get another design for the tour ps: excuse the bathroom selfie
  4. Looks great, Jana

    I take it they replaced it without any fuss?
  5. yes, top notch customer service! sent me the right size within two days, let me keep the smaller size to donate. no trouble at all
  6. Those look great indeed!
    Our sons (9 and 11) really like them too, pity they don't come in kids' sizes ...
  7. Ordered!
    WTSHNN coming my way!!
  8. Returns/Exchanges. I ordered an XL and it is huge. Need to exchange for a large. Any info. on how to exchange please?

  9. Arrived today. Let the show begin july 29th!!!