2017-07-29 - Amsterdam
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Songs played: 23
Audio recordings: 4
  1. Originally posted by Remy:[..]

    "Thanks to all those users who uploaded their videos to YouTube"

    Otherwise, great to have another full show
    Yeah Fake title, he used some of my video shots too, thats no 4k for sure ...
  2. Hi!


    Intro + SBS

    and i have more videos

  3. I transfered them already to:

  4. I'm only doing night one.

    Will send the links for night 2 to DutchU2Fan.
  5. I will have soemthing too... just need to sort out the card, went for 2 weeks vacation right away so kind of messy state of mind
  6. Via wetransfer I am sending you 1,6GB video from Ams1, location GA / 10m from mail stage. Several snippets, no complete songs unfortunately. Good luck and hopefully this helps you to complete the Ams1 multicam project
  7. @ DutchU2Fan:

    I've transferred my files, taken from block 120 row 3. Hope it helps...
  8. Hello, if you need it, I will be happy to collaborate with the graphic part of the project
  9. do you realize both dates ? I know a french who filmed a few on one date I don't know which one . do you take only 4K or HD too ?