1. 3 stars...just for the oddity of it. But I like the picture disc
    O, and I like the original better, so that makes it 2 stars I guess
  2. Two stars I guess. It's cool to hear the unused vocals from '87 and the back and forth at the end is a nice touch. Other than that though. . .
  3. I like it. It's a 4stars from me. Would've preferred bono 2017 on the chorus though
  4. 3 stars, though mainly for the "new" outro with the extra backing vocal.
  5. Can't wait to hear it live
  6. That 'ache' that Bono sometimes speaks of with U2's music is lessened somewhat on this version imho at least. It loses a little bit of its rawness and ache with all the extra production in the coda in particular, and it ends up turning into almost a feel-good ending.

    That said I do rather like it. But just a 3 stars for me, it's not off the scale good, but is a nice alternative. Wonder if it will be done this way live?
  7. 2 stars
  8. 3 stars. Not bad, but not really better. The outro is nice.
  9. i really like the way he sings the outro in the new version.

    hopefully he does that when it's performed live.
  10. As Herbie once said: "The audience pays to hear something they can't do themselves".