1. I also didn't take much time to make up a name...clearly. I registered on one of the other sites as Wide Awake n AZ, but I find myself here more because I actually like the band.

    Am from AZ, had tickets to the $5 R&H shows but got waylaid by a huge snow storm in Northern Arizona the night my friends were leaving for the 2 hour trip down the mountain to Phoenix, and being 15, my parents kept me from going. Mom swore she would take me if the weather cleared, but it did not (notice the visible breath from Bono at times...it was cold for Phoenix. Flagstaff is about 30-40 degrees F colder at night). So Zoo TV was my first U2 show.

    U2 became a part of my hardcore punk conscience during the issues with Governor Meacham in my state. They became entwined in a civics lesson. Around the same time, a new friend, aptly named Paul, who was a U2 nut, recorded Boy, October, War, and UF on a cassette for me and told me I needed to listen to them repeatedly for a week or so, and if I did, I'd be a fan. He was right. Then I re-listened to JT, which was newly released, and it made sense.

    Been to 10 shows...not a travelling for shows type, but did catch U2 in Vegas on Vertigo and got to see Brandon Flowers, a personal fav, sing In a Little While, and Mary J Blige sing One on that show. Will be in Pasadena/Rose Bowl for the JT30 show....
  2. Hi Dougman! Hope you enjoy TJT @ 30, I missed out first time round too, Zoo TV was also my first time seeing U2 (Sheffield 17/6 indoors), I was already hooked years before, but that night sealed the deal well and truly!