2017-05-14 - Seattle
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Songs played: 24
Audio recordings: 4
  1. Great sound hoserama , I wouldn`t expect anything less
  2. Originally posted by hoserama:The iem/iem/aud mix of Seattle is a bono and edge feed mixed. However, the boards have some time delay between them due to the digital boards. The released mix doesn't address that, so it's misaligned and you can hear how vocals sound like they're in a tunnel. Also I'm pretty sure the feeds were out of phase so you've got phase cancellation effects going on. Sloppy! One day I'll do my own of that show.

    I'm not into mixing and all, so I do not get half of what you describe here, but I have to admit I do like the echo/tunnel effect on bono's vocals on the recording. Sounds more like you are in the concert, where bono's voice is also very echo-y. Btw, kudo's for your Rosebowl mix

  3. Ok, time for a little audio and visual presentation then

    Take a look at the picture on this post. It's a waveform of Bono talking. It's synced up, and phase inverted. This is done at the monitor board for a number of reasons. By phase inverted, when one spike goes up, the spike in the other feed will go down (Track 1 = Edge feed, Track 2 = Bono feed). Not that big of a deal to just take the mirror image of the waveform so everything lines up.

  4. However as I said in the post earlier, it's not that simple. They transmit the audio at slightly different delays at the soundboards, which can be problematic for mixing. See the attached photo in this post! This picture is directly from the transmission, where I don't apply any time offset. The waveforms are clearly misaligned. Basically--you've got significant misalignment with the recording.

    Now for the proof. Tunes! Keep in mind these are wireless feeds only, no AUD recording. The empress valley mixes use a LOT of AUD, which can masks some of the bad wireless mixing job.

    Check out https://soundcloud.com/hoarderhoserama/sets/mixing-demo/s-yhck8

    1. Offset-NO-Phaseinvert-NO -> This is basically Empress Valley type mix without the AUD. I've applied no EQ/compression/fx. Notice the tunnel and flangy sound on the vocals, and also how thin the bass is.
    2. Offset-Yes-Phaseinvert-No -> I've aligned the vocals, but didn't invert the phase. Now we've actually got some real phase cancellation and Bono's vocals start to disappear.
    3. Offset-YES-Phaseinvert-YES -> Vocals aligned, phase in line. Notice how much cleaner and more powerful it sounds.

    It's a pretty easy fix, but you have to know what you're doing. Empress Valley mixer does not (at least at this point).
  5. That's a good explanation, thanks So, it will probably be the audience recording that make it a good listen for me. Nice to see the audio samples to explain this!
  6. Thanks hoserama 4 the explanation. It's remarkable the equipment is 'sneaked' into the venue and next to be tuned in eg. synced with the PA. I don't know if U2 is using other frequencies every concerts, if so then it's always a challenge to sync. Today I listen to the IEM of Seattle, incredible concert.
  7. And of course i'll wish that the Rose Bowl concert will be uploaded completely, wooohh what a sound. I'll attended both concerts.
  8. Interesting!

  9. Just noticed this.

    Did they really get the date wrong on the bootleg? That's the date for the Santa Clara show.
  10. Maybe it's the delay in the IEM recording....