1. Australia. I spend winters in Europe, & was very lucky that the European legs of both i+e & e+i occurred at the same time I arrive in Europe. But JT2017 was right in the middle the European summer, & I couldn't hang around in Europe that long. I saw both legs of 360 in the US, but missed the Aussie leg. Lucky enough to see Elevation in Ireland.
  2. Just noticed that this Anton Corbijn directed Depeche Mode film is being shown at the cinemas on November 21st worldwide. Might be why there's been a lengthy delay to JT2017 film.
  3. Who knows.
  4. Random thought: could the DVD release have been moved to coincide with the 2019 tour in a way that better promotes it?
  5. Probably not enough time now.
  6. An 3 years old concert