1. “When the painted glass shatters, you’re the only thing that matters”.

    I still rate that as one of Bono’s best ever lyrics. It’s a shame it didn’t feature this year but I like the sentiment that it formed a bridge between the last and present with its JT30 appearances leading to the new album.
  2. Originally posted by CMIPalaeo:I think we’ll hear it again. They really wanted to use 13 to close, which is understandable, and it seems strange for this to be anywhere other than right near the end, which I don’t think would’ve worked this tour. It’s such a good song, though, that I think this one will reappear to represent SOE in the future.
    But why would they so badly end with 13? The choreography they did with 13 works also fine with Little Things. Maybe even better with Little Things.

    For me Little Things is a song about talking with your insecure-self. Which perfectly match the theme Bono pointed at Song for Someone in the I&Tour.

    So I don’t understand the choice for 13 when you also can play such a powerfull song as Little Things...
  3. Yes I agree because 13 at the end of concert left a ....kinda space to fill up.i personally didn’t think it was over.it left a bitter in my mouth so much to expect a brief return to the stage for a kick-ass song
    In Rome last year for TJT30 they ended up with Little things...that was really powerful
  4. Absolutely bonkers they didn't close with this song