2017-05-17 - Santa Clara
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Songs played: 23
Audio recordings: 1
  1. Thanks for letting us know. Rankings are not set in stone and we can modify them if people feel that way.
  2. some Larry singing action
  3. IEM!
  4. What does B day after Trip'? "Do not stand please?" Or so? I've heard him saying it a few times but cannot make out what he means...
  5. Originally posted by Remy:[..]
    Thanks! Yes it helps a lot, there is much more light. At the first two shows I took almost all pictures with aperture set at f1.8, at the main stage it was around f4.0 on average. It's still a bit tweaking as it all depends per camera but this one is incredibly good with low light conditions. Plus Lightroom can make any photo better anyway if it fails

    Yes second row main stage. The funny thing is that now, concert 3, 75% of all queuers that come in already go to the b-stage. While I agree its the best spot overall in the GA (especially tip of it), it makes it easier for others to get a good main stage spot. Main stage is very distant though and very high too. I queued from 7 in the morning (#250).

    Remy, I echo the comments of others, these photos are magnificent.

    I shot with a Canon G-16 and left everything on Auto, but should have went with Manual settings. My concern was having to adjust the setting on the fly, so I decided to let my camera do all the work. As it turned it, it wasn't great.

    Did you use a DSLR?