2017-05-21 - Pasadena
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Songs played: 22
Audio recordings: 5
  1. Originally posted by deanallison:I don't really get the obsession with queuing so early. The earliest I went was about 2pm on the day of the concert to Hampden for the 360 tour and I got in the circle. Any other u2 show I've turned up for gates opening and still got a great spot, i'll be doing the same at twickenham.
    That's why I'm wondering WTF is going on... I got Elevation (in arena, mind you) at around 4pm and still got inside the heart... Same with Vertigo.
  2. Haha I'm that tall guy that get in the way, 6'4. Sorry in advance if you're behind me at twickenham
  3. I'm 5'6'. Hoping to show up at DC at about 10 AM, since I'm short/it's my first GA show ever/probably my only show of the tour. We'll see how things go.
  4. Also, I'd love for California to reappear at one of these shows, but I don't think the odds are very good. I'm guessing a Soundgarden snip or two is more likely, though.
  5. I got to Levi at 8am, for a non-rail position. I must be out of my mind!
    Jesus Christ Pose/With or Without You?
  6. Have any GA ticket holders received the email from the stadium about the lining up procedure?