2017-05-21 - Pasadena
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Songs played: 22
Audio recordings: 5
  1. Originally posted by Hoosier2012:Also, I'd love for California to reappear at one of these shows, but I don't think the odds are very good. I'm guessing a Soundgarden snip or two is more likely, though.
    Black hole sun perhaps?
  2. Got sold the wrong two damned tickets. Anybody want seats?
  3. I think Stuck in a Moment can come off as insensitive at a time like this. Guarantee we will see One dedicated.
  4. So we doing any meet ups? For nights 1/2?
  5. We can do an unofficial one! Any suggestions for a place? Maybe after LA1 or LA2?

    Are you doing GA for night 1? I will start my chat post-show in front of the mixing desk area. We can gather there.

    I might also head to the Lucky Baldwin's Pub tonight in Pasadena if anyone's up for it.
  6. Already more than 300 folks queued up. I will join the queue sometime afternoon. Seats on sunday. Bring it on!
  7. I'm doing GA night 2, seats night 1.
  8. If anyone has good reserve seats for Pasadena 1 and is interested in swapping them for GA, I know someone who might be interested
  9. #2 i could but how many?