1. I just registered here with the Houston show coming up, but I thought I would share a little history with you guys. I go to Death Valley twice a year and mainly look for petroglyphs, native american ruins etc. I thought I would give you all a tour of what lies just beyond the U2 tree by about 4 miles.

    The mountains to the south of the tree hold the secrets

    Here we are- my username is Coso, the name of the mountains, and also the name of the rock art style found within them. This is all found on Upper Centennial Flat.

    If you all are interested in more, I can show you more!
  2. That's very interesting stuff Coso! Welcome to the boards
  3. Very cool and original contribution! Nice
  4. Very cool. Do post more !

  5. Very cool. I was just there two weeks ago. When we're you there last?

    Make sure you sign the shirt!!