Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Legs (3): Leg 1 - North America, Leg 2 - Europe, Leg 3 - The Americas
Shows: 52
  1. Nope I didn't know that thanks for that info ! I agree great picture anyways!

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  3. Wonder if I could make a request for back covers for London 1, Rome 1 and Cleveland?
  4. Can someone point me in the direction of cover art for Noel's support slots? Lots of bootlegs out there so far.

  5. Thanks for the Dublin cover. Even if the audio bootleg is not that great, actually.
  6. Wonderful covers! How about Amsterdam 2?

  7. If you were using a predesigned album cover themed as Joshua Tree. I'd love to use my rainbow picture to make a cover for the Tampa show.
  8. Is there a thumbs up or five-star rating? A lot of these covers look very good.
  9. Been a while since we had any 'new' covers...
  10. Brussels