Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Legs (3): Leg 1 - North America, Leg 2 - Europe, Leg 3 - The Americas
Shows: 52
  1. These covers are epic. Thank you!
  2. I'd like to request some DVD artwork please for the multicam 2017-05-20 - Pasadena show. Cheers.
  3. These are brilliant Tim, thanks very much, keep up the good work man.
  4. I made one for the Pittsburg show, hope you guys like it
  5. Hi DutchU2Fan, beautiful and great work !!!! And the back?
  6. Just discovered this thread... brilliant work!

  7. I was looking for the covers of the recordings that we have in the library and I realized that I did not like any of them. I decided to do mine that show little talent, I do not deny it. I hope you catch their attention. I guess they have a basic style and no ambition. Greetings.